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! **RULES** !

-Always be polite with everyone.
If you ever act impolite or offensive towards anyone you'll be banned from the group and have your works removed from the galleries.

-Don't spam the profile with links or anything silly or useless; such comments will be flagged as spam and hidden. If you want something advertised ask in a note: there is an appropriate section for that.

-If you have some complaints, send us a note. Don't insult other people nor their art. If you do, you will be ignored and banned from the group.

:rose: TO JOIN.
Everyone can join the group as a member, and every request will be automatically accepted. Don't feel discouraged if your pieces don't immediately enter the group; we're here both to help the members correct their flaws and improve with their skills, and to make sure that the watchers can enjoy a good selection of artworks from our group, and not be spammed with just anything that is being submitted. Try to understand that.

To join as a contributor you have to be accepted first, because contributors can vote for deviations to be approved to the group or declined and are supposed to give feedback when people ask for it. The contributors requests are closed, if you want to be one, send the group a note with "CONTRIBUTOR" as object. Then I will send you an invite myself.


-How to submit: To add an artwork (once you joined the group) use the "contribute art" button, or choose a folder and click on the "+" button on the top right, DON'T PUT LINKS ON THE PROFILE'S COMMENTS! The message will be hidden as spam.

-Time limits: One submission a week.

-Submit to the correct folder, each one has its own description if you open them. Submissions sent without choosing a folder will be declined, with a notification. And you'll have to re-submit.

-Deviations put in storage found in our galleries will be automatically removed from the group, without notice. If you don't wish to display a deviation in your gallery there's no reason to keep it in our group.

-Deviations removed from the group by yourself can't be re-submitted

-You can submit your own pieces as well as suggesting other people's works.

-Any declined submission can still be submitted to the favourites folder.

-Once you submit a work, do not re-submit the same piece again if it's been declined, nor if it's still pending for a decision. If you think the approval is taking too long, you may leave a message on the panel of the piece you've submitted, not on our group profile.

-The submissions go through a voting process so if your piece has been declined and you don't know why, you can simply ask for a critique (if you didn't break any rules it would probably be a matter of quality) in the comment box of the approval message of that submission (the one which says that your picture is being reviewed/has been accepted/declined).
Don't send a note to the group to ask for a critique

-What is acceptable and what is not:
:bulletgreen:Your work has to be Sailor Moon related, but you can chose to represent the subject in any style you want, be it Naoko style, anime style, realistic style, or your own personal style.
:bulletorange:You can submit redesigns, realistic versions of the characters, any kind of personalizations on condition that the character is still well recognizable, without having to read the title.
:bulletred:Only finished works. No sketches, linearts and WIPs. If you made a drawing and plan to color/refine/correct it later, don't submit it until you have finished it because we won't accept different versions of the same artwork. Even if the second one is better and more complete than the first you sent.
:bulletred:No rude, vulgar, offensive or too explicit violence or sexual contents. Only artistic non integral (showing private parts) nudity is accepted. Soft yuri and yaoi too; as well as some blood.
:bulletred:No literature in general; be it fanfictions, poems... nor manga pages of your fan comic.
:bulletred:Only Sailor Moon real characters, no OCs. This group is dedicated to the universe created by Naoko Takeuchi only.
:bulletred:No traces, pixel dolls, vectors, bases and images created with some “generator” or "maker" program.
:bulletorange:You can use references of course, but only to create a new and original drawing, not to entirely reproduce screenshots, official pictures or other existing images, unless you put some personal touch or creativity in them. When you use references, by the way, be sure to credit them with a link.
:bulletred:No coloring or re-coloring of existing pictures, manga scans, wallpapers, stamps, manipulations of screenshots or art-book or fanarts not belonging to you etc. The artwork has to be completely created by you.
:bulletred:No super tiny images (this includes icons, sprites, stamps...), unless they really show care, creativity and details. Similarly, no artworks that have been shrunk to an awfully small size, making it hard to see the details.
:bulletorange:Only collaborations between 2 artists are accepted, not colorations of a lineart that is free to color for everyone, unless it's the artist of the lineart who colored it (as already said, we don't accept several versions/colorations of the same piece).
:bulletgreen:Cosplays are accepted but from a serie of many shots chose only the best and most original ones and not very similar photos. We will be a little more strict with these submissions because we want the group to be focused mostly on drawings then photos.
:bulletorange:Crafts are now accepted but only if they are made by you and not bought somewhere. Pay attention to their presentation as well (the quality of the photo).


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Group Info

As the name says, this group has been created to collect all the best art works related to the world created by Naoko Takeuchi: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon.
Feel free to join us if you love this show as well :)
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Jun 16, 2010


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Fan Club

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Yes, you read right... if you didn't know about it before, Toei Animation is planning to release a new modern Sailor Moon sometime next year in 2013! :heart:

Not much has been said, or released about the anime, but you can watch the official announcement here with English subs or here without subs. (I posted two links because apparently I didn't see the first link's video working, and the second link that's on youtube has an option of downloading with the subs).

Okay, so to clear some things up before rumors become out of hand...

The opening song has been confirmed... it's called "Z Otome Shinsou" performed by Momoiro Clover Z. You can watch their video here.

The anime will be aired WORLDWIDE next year (they didn't say which specific countries, but that it's going to be worldwide).

New merchandise will be continued to be released as sales have been a success (thank you moonie fans for continuing supporting Sailor Moon! Without your purchases of the new merchandise, they may not have announced a new remake!)

The original (Japanese) voices for Usagi and Mamoru will return.

Some people think/wish/want that Sailor V will be the opening of this new series, therefore, Sailor V finally being animated. Any information about this is just though fans and nothing has been officially announced about that.

There is no confirmation yet, as to what the anime will be like... just that it's a "modern" take... It could be completely new, it could be closer to the manga, it could be a re-make of the original with less filler, etc...

Not sure what will happen with Pluto either...

Updates will be posted on their website Sailor Moon Channel although the site is in Japanese... you can always use Google translate to get a rough idea of what is happening and if there are any new updates.

I personally don't speak or read Japanese, and none of our admins can either. This is also a group dedicated to Sailor Moon fan art for Sailor Moon fans. Not a news reporting center...
Anyways, we will not be updating our journal on the latest Sailor Moon news every time something is announced. So rest assured, you will not be spammed with journal entries of the latest Sailor Moon news (just any big important ones).

If I have gotten anything wrong, please let me know so I can fix it and share with everyone... otherwise, I think that's about it for now and all we know for sure. If you're wondering about something, feel free to ask us below or just give a shout out of your feelings for the new anime. I personally, am excited for the new anime, and hope the translators don't screw up mess up the translation and make many changes.
I hope you guys are excited for the new Sailor Moon as well, and as Naoko Takeuchi has put it... to always remember Usagi "fondly".


So apparently that song may not be the opening to Sailor Moon according to some people. I'm pretty sure it is as to me it sounded like it... but just watch the original video itself to make your own judgement.

The song is not going to be the opening to Sailor Moon, but the band will sing the song that will be the opening (actual song has not been released).

Oh, and I should give a little shout out to Miss Dream for doing all the translation... she was kind enough to translate it for all us English-Speaking Moonie fans while going through a difficult time herself. I think we really owe some love to her! :heart:

(hope that's it) :3
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:rose: OUR GOAL :rose:

What's the aim of our group? We're not an elitist group that only wants to see perfect artworks in their gallery, but we're not one of those groups which accepts just anything just to 'please' the members. In fact, we're here to try to do something that unfortunately not many groups do: to please both the members AND the watchers. Yes, it's very different. Elitist groups probably please only the watchers while making members frustrated; groups that accept everything, obviously please the members who submit, but spam the watchers, who after a little while will be fed up with the flood in their imbox and unwatch the group. Both those methods don't work very well. Groups are made of members AND watchers. There's no point in being a group where the only submitting are a few amazing artist and the admins who suggest perfect works (this sounds more like a personal collection than a group) or being a group with thousands of members submitting daily, and no one who watch what's submitted there anymore. A group that works correctly would be a place where people can share what they do and where people might enjoy what they see, it's pretty simple, but both conditions are essential.
Here, we try to please both the members, trying to be enough fair but also giving a lot of help so they can improve, make better artworks and notice and correct their weak points, AND the watchers, delivering a good and moderate selection of works that they could enjoy, instead of forcing/suggesting them to unwatch the group, like many groups do.






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